I have a goal to become the best possible version of myself. Will you join me?  


 Self-Help teacher * yoga instructor * natural health junkie * lover of scrabble


Off the coast of Florida, came an only child with a lot of energy.  I learned early on that sharing with others was a great way to make friends, and I've been a sharer ever since. Now, I'm dedicated to sharing my knowledge of natural health and mental, physical & emotional wellbeing with you. I believe that we have all the skills we need within us to become the person we want to be. Its a matter of discovery and learning how to use them. This has been the work of my adult life and I'm committed to it.

After college, I bounced around trying to make a living in ways that weren't true to my nature and thought that maybe I'd be happier if I followed something that inspired me like yoga and health. I started teaching yoga in 2010 and began practicing herbal medicine & natural health in 2014. Although wonderful additions to my life, something was missing, and I didn't feel like I was growing like I wanted. I also didn't have the zest for life that seemed to come naturally when I was a kid. I felt like "adulting" wasn't that much fun... 


then I realized...

External circumstances were never going to make me happy. It was going to be an inside job.


I have a psychology degree, and I've always been fascinated with the mind- but didn't put much of emphasis on my own, until I met husband. He was my first teacher in learning how to manage my thoughts in order to control my emotions. What?! You mean I can control my emotions so they don't just show up like tornadoes and take over?!

Managing my mind & practicing emotional health has helped me in so many ways. One of the biggest was having Multiple miscarriages. 

 Through this experience I found more strength than I ever knew I had, and I used it. I combined everything I knew about physical, mental, and emotional fortitude and lived from that place. The journey was intense, but it was also powerful and transformative.



I want to show you your power because you don't have to suffer.


when you work with me

When I work with my clients, I encourage them to stay curious about their bodies and minds and not judge their efforts. I create a relaxing and non-pretentious atmosphere where they can enjoy themselves and the process. I believe that yoga has something different to offer everybody, and I never try to push a philosophy, or something they aren't ready for. I also show people how to detoxify their homes, and create a healthy environment for their families. My instruction is led by my clients needs and is delivered in way to help them deepen their understanding of their body and mind, so they can take their life to the next level. 

 Having fun is absolutely essential. Here, I'm keepin' it electric with my Husband Adam at a 5K glow run! 

Having fun is absolutely essential. Here, I'm keepin' it electric with my Husband Adam at a 5K glow run! 


  • Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Minor in Business - Florida State University, Tallahassee FL
  • Masters Degree in Sustainable Development and Global Leadership - Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu HI
  • Performance Management Certification - Florida State University, Tallahassee FL
  • Registered Yoga Instructor, 200 hour. Mercedes Ngoh Yoga - Devon, England
  • Foundations of Herbal Medicine Certification - Sage Consulting and Apothecary, Valerie Blakenship, Colorado Springs CO

Bonus about me

I'm obsessed with podcasts. I deliberately love on my kitty cat Luna, and my husband Adam every day. My current self help is: practicing not beating myself up, and dwelling on the past. Forgive myself, learn and move on. I'm a nerd at heart and love physics, science, documentaries and outer space. I value conversation, food, different cultures, and my relationships. I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people, like you!